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Cleaning an Underground Drainage System 

What You'll Need 

power wash
plumber's snake

An underground drainage system will require cleaning and maintenance from time to time. It is beneficial to have an underground drainage system since any water on top of the roof will be discarded through it into the street or ditches. This will help to retain the house's foundation in a better condition. However, inadvertently dust, debris and other residue will flow with the rainwater, and this may cause blockages in the system from time to time. Let us elaborate how to best go about cleaning the underground drainage system.

Step 1: Opening

First you have to open the cover of the drain. Usually it is attached by means of screws, so you will need a screwdriver to unscrew them. In most cases a flat-head screwdriver will be required.

Step 2: Using the Plumber's Snake

Next, acquire the plumber's snake. This tool is basically long and flexible and enables you to push downwards so as to remove clogs. Keep inserting it into the hole until it comes out at the other end. You may have to do this procedure in more than one access point if the clogging problem is more complicated. This will also be required since most underground drainage systems are composed of a number of sections.

Step 3: Power Wash

Then, remove the plumber's snake from the drain, and so as to start using the power washer. The power washer will help to make any dirt and residue accumulated at the bottom to amass in such a way that you will be able to remove it more quickly by shovelling it out.

Step 4: Shovelling the Dirt

Use a shovel to bring out the accumulated dirt and pile it up in a bucket for appropriate disposal. The dirt is usually composed of sand, small rocks and leaves.

Step 5: Install the Cover

Once you are done you can fetch the screws so as to screw the cover of the drain back into place securely.

Step 6: Preventive Actions

Usually, it is best to carry out this cleaning procedure after very heavy rainfalls. It is also suggested that in order to avoid having to do this cleaning task frequently, you make it a point to regularly sweep and wash the roof of your house so as to reduce the amount of dust and other debris to be carried along with the flow of rainwater and into the drainage system. The cleaner the roof, the less problems you will encounter in the drainage system.

It is best to try to do this job yourself because it will save you money rather than having to hire the services of a professional drain cleaning company. After all, as long as you try to carry out regular cleaning of the roof, you should not encounter much problems when cleaning the drainage system. However, if you see that there seems to be a rather large clog, which was not unclogged with the snake and the power wash method, you will have to ask for professional's help as they will have more expertise and powerful, professional drain cleaning equipment to solve your problem.

Underground Drainage
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